Twitter Tips: How to Use Twitter For Social Marketing

Chances are unless you’ve been completely living in the dark for the past couple of months – you’ve been hearing about the phenomenon called

Twitter is quickly becoming one of the most amazingly popular social media networking site on the World Wide Web. Now with over six million users (and growing)!

Twitter is the must-be-on place right now on ther internet. It actually trumps Google but getting “real time” date about literally ANYTHING that is happening in our society today.

Admittedly, I didn’t jump on the Twitter bandwagon immediately. I heard about it over a year ago and I definitely underestimated the importance of how powerful this site really is.

But now, along with Facebook & YouTube, Twitter is one at the top of my priority list for Social Media.

So recently, a friend and colleague of mine was able to generate over 75 leads for his business just by sending out 1 tweet to his list of over 15,000 dedicated

How insane is that!?

75 Leads in 2 minutes…for FREE? Those same leads would cost -9 from a home based business lead provider. Say they averaged each – that would have cost 0 for prospects that THEN YOU have to COLD CALL (blegh!)

Using Google Adwords? Probably would have cost DOUBLE THAT.

If you are looking to amass SERIOUS WEALTH online, then you need to be “tweeting.”

So, I’ve compiled a step-by-step guide thanks to my training with the MLM Mastermind System on how to dominate Twitter.


Twitter Tips #1. Create an Account
Go to and create an account if you haven’t already. Be creative with your bio and make sure you include your website link. This could be a blog or a splash/squeeze page.

Twitter Tips #2. Set up a Professional Looking BackgroundCheck out the free tools like: or

Twitter Tips #3. Manage your Twitter Account Automatically
Go to and set up a free account with this ESSENTIAL Twitter tool. This will allow you to automate your “welcome/thanks for following” messages and create settings to unfollow those who do not follow you back. You can also schedule tweets throughout your day!

Twitter Tips #4. Purchase Twitter Friend Adder
It’s not NECESSARY, but if you want a way to automatically add Twitter friends and build a following – this is it. If you’re on a shoe-string budget? Just add friends one-by-one by finding other people of like-minded values.

Twitter Tips #5. Find Like-Minded Individuals to Follow

Twitter Tips #6. Free Tool to Manually Unfollow Those Who Aren’t Following You, but if you have Twitter Friend Adder, you do not need this because it does it for you.

Twitter Tips #7. What To Tweet?
Make sure your tweeting is full of useful content. DO NOT SPAM YOUR LINK OR OPPORTUNITY. Twitter success is dependent your willingness and ability to share content and info with your network.
Share anything:

  • Interesting
  • Educational
  • Funny
  • News-worthy

Twitter Tips #8. Re-Syndicate Content You Like
Can be your own videos, blogs, articles, or it can be stuff created by other people (especially popular content). is create source for other people’s interesting content.

Twitter Tips #9. It’s All About Relationship Marketing
Don’t just add friends. Interact with them! Send them DM (direct messages) or use the @-feature by typing @theirusername to reply and message to their Twitter page.

Twitter Tips #10. Some other great Twitter tools:


So that’s it! There are many other Twitter tools, but these are the ones I’ve compiled as of lately. Once you build a solid foundation of tweeting and building trust/rapport with your Follows, sharing valuable content, you can send out a tweet here and again promoting yourself or your product/sevice.

Let’s start tweeting and twittering and twollowing each other!

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Published on 14/07/2011

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