Twitter As a Marketing Tool: Guarantee Your Twitter Marketing Success

Different businesses always need different things from their online marketing efforts. You have to plot out a clear marketing plan before you should attempt to use twitter as a marketing tool. What can micro blogging do for you and your business? Are you attempting to establish your brand? Are you trying to conduct marketing research? Are you trying to converse with your current clients and tap into new markets?

While some Internet marketers would argue that twitter can be used for all three, it’s still better to use twitter as a marketing tool for one very specific purpose only. At least, set up one specific twitter account per marketing goal. This way, your twitter marketing efforts would be focused in one direction. It’s also easier to measure the effectiveness of twitter as a marketing tool when you only have one goal in mind. Sifting through hundreds of tweets every day can be tedious, and having to sort them all out for your purposes will be doubly stressful. Focus and you’ll come up with more fruitful results.

If you’re trying to establish your brand, follow people whom you think would be prospective clients. Simply by typing in keywords from your twitter search box, you’ll be able to sift through people who belong to your niche market. Make sure that you have enough relevant tweets on your page before following people. If they find your page interesting enough, they’ll follow you back. Skip the promotional tweets for the meantime, at least until you’ve gathered at least 50 followers. Once you have enough followers, insert events and promo announcements in between your scheduled “useful” tweets. The point is to establish your brand and your expertise first.

On the other hand, if you already have a pretty established brand, perhaps you can use twitter as a marketing tool by keeping in touch with your current clients and trying to tap into new ones. Again, it’s advisable for you to attempt to follow target markets first. They will follow you back when they think you’re credible. As for keeping in touch with your current clients, you can use the website to announce events and special discounts. Throwing contests can also effectively encourage customer feedback. Be careful about sounding like an automaton, though. To use twitter as a marketing tool effectively, you need to sound natural, ergo, very human.

Twitter is also a great tool for market research. Some Internet Marketers set up accounts and follow people on twitter just to find out how they spend their time at work or at home. This is an effective way of using twitter as a marketing tool because it lets them into information that’s otherwise hard to come by in the real world.

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Published on 08/08/2011

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