Twitter – A Social Network Built on Microblogging

It’s doubtful that you haven’t heard of it, especially if you’re at all connected online — as most of us are. Or, maybe you’ve heard of it, but aren’t quite sure what it is or if you should even care. In any case, a short tutorial on Twitter will familiarize you with the basics.

A Social Networking Service

Twitter is a social networking service that allows users to send and read messages from other users. The messages are called tweets. These messages are text-based and are restricted to 140 characters. Because it involves writing, social networking, communicating and collaborating with others, Twitter is also categorized as a micro-blogging service. Because it is free, easy-to-use, and a fast, quick, and convenient way to communicate with others, its popularity has skyrocketed over night. According to a June 2009 study by comScore, there were approximately 44.5 million people using it as of June 2009.

On Twitter, you can keep in touch with friends, family, business associates and virtually anyone else who has an account on Twitter. You can “follow” others which means that you subscribe to receiving messages from them. And, others can follow you. Those folks are referred to as your “followers.” People on Twitter exchange messages with each other which are, as mentioned above, called tweets.

A Twitter stream is the list of messages that flow through your account – those of your own as well as those from the people you are following.

You can send messages to Twitter through a variety of means including logging directly into Twitter and sending them from there, or sending them through Twitter clients like Hootsuite or Tweetdeck. Twitter clients are tools which allow you to access and manage your Twitter account from a dashboard-like interface which includes a lot of other features and functions to make managing thousands of inflowing messages more convenient. You can also send messages through your cell phone and other means which make Twitter very convenient to use no matter where you are.

In a nutshell, Twitter is a social networking service that facilitates communication between users via messages that are 140 characters or less.

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Published on 29/06/2011

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