Traffic Building in the Land of Twitter

Consider it micro marketing. This is the world of Twitter. You have no more than 140 characters (including spaces) to tell your followers (think friends) anything you want. Some users will respond with inane bits of uselessness that are designed to bring a smile while others will simply micro-blog about their day.

However, for the savvy marketer Twitter offers an impressive opportunity. Consider this, you want to tell new customers or inform existing customers about what you have to offer. Many potential clients will only respond to an eye catching opening statement.

Twitter provides a unique way to provide a human touch to your marketing. If you want to direct potential readers to a new blog then provide a link in your Twitter post. Many bloggers and news organizations will Twitter their latest news for quick access by those who have signed up to follow the organization.

It’s amazing how much you can actually say in the condensed environment of 140 characters. You’ll have to think in headlines. Make the phrase interesting and engaging. Provide the direct link.

If you are working on something specific for your blog you might even consider progress reports or teasers that describe a small window on the topic you will be covering in a future blog post.

Many marketers have found that if you Twitter your blog entries immediately you can actually access potential site visitors faster than using Real Simple Syndication (RSS). You can Twitter by phone (either text or voice) and even set up your blog to automatically post a twitter when you’ve published.

The primary way to start Twittering is to sign up (it’s free). You may find immediate followers or you might seek out a few existing customers. As your Twitter traffic grows you will likely find that you will have more ‘followers’ than those you are following. For the marketer that’s exactly what you want. It may be difficult for you to follow everyone interested in what you have to offer so be happy to gain a large following and limit those you follow to those you are actually interested in knowing more about.

Twitter is casual, human and consistent. This allows you to keep in touch simply and pointedly. Customers may even welcome multiple short messages as opposed to something the size of an ezine.

When interested parties check on your profile they can see immediately several of your most recent posts. This will provide the impression needed to determine if they want to be followers.

Many websites will have buttons that allow visitors to share that page with others. This is also true with Twitter. You can add a Twitter button on your page and allow other users to send your information through their own micro-posts. It’s simple and viral. One visitor who takes your Twitter link and runs with it can turn your information into hot property in a short period of time.

Twitter is a microscopic add on that can have a profound impact on your marketing objectives. It can change the dynamics of site traffic and appeals to the fast paced media saturated culture that seems to live and die by sound bites.

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Published on 03/04/2010

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