Top 5 Free and Best Twitter Unfollow Tools

Why Twitter?

Twitter has quickly gained the popularity that no other platform can claim today. It is everywhere. It is on your cell phones and laptops. Everyone is trying to communicate quickly due to the fast paced life. This sits perfect for Twitter’s 140 word Tweets.

Nevertheless, the popularity does not only bring comfort as the technology improves but also brings various issues on board as well. Many people are facing various issues with Twitter today due to strict policies relating to ‘unfollow’ command on Twitter. If you ‘unfollow’ people in a single day, Twitter is going to consider you as spammer and will block you from the network. This seems harsh; however, it is something inevitable when you see the larger picture.

This scenario makes it extremely important to find some tools that can do the hard work for you. These tools should not only ‘unfollow’ followers but should do so by staying within the limits that Twitter policy allows. If any of these tools will violate the Twitter policy, it will result in a ban on your account.

This calls for careful selection of tools to use with Twitter. This is the reason for which such tools have to be selected carefully. The list below will list only the tools that are complaint with the Twitter policy.

TOP 5 Free Unfollow Tools:

JustUnfollow: The first tool that you are going to hear about is called JustUnfollow. This tool does not violate any Twitter policies and does the job for most of the people. The application does not do anything other than what it should do. The great thing about this tool is its simplicity and ease of use. Everyone can use it without first having to go through a tutorial. This is not something common with many other Twitter tools.

ManageFlitter: This is another simple, easy to use and handy tool for un-following the people you have been following on Twitter. You will quickly become familiar with the interface. Performing the basic unfollowing task is simple and easy using ManageFlitter. Moreover, the tool is incompliance with the Twitter policies and therefore does not pose any threat to your Twitter account.

Twitter Karma: Twitter Karma is easily among the most popular Twitter tools today. It gives you several mini tools that can easily makes life easier for you. A marketer using Twitter must have Twitter Karma. Its bulk actions and auto detection of unfollow-able contacts make it a top twitter tool.

Friend or Follow: Friend or Follow is a unique tool that analysis your followers and the people you are following. It tells you who is following you back and who isn’t. This can help you make decisions to unfollow those who are not following back.

Untwitter: With Untwitter, life is easier at Twitter. It tells you who isn’t following you back. Most of the times this is the only information needed to unfollow the useless Twitter accounts. The tool does what it says and it does it really quick.

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Published on 24/07/2011

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