Ninja Rockstar on Twitter

How to become a ninja rockstar on twitter? It all starts with the number of followers you have – how many people get your message. It makes sense that the more followers you have, the more people that are actually reading your message, the more impact that you can have.

A new development has been twitter post search engines, searching twitter posts for any posts about a certain topic, or by certain people, or from certain geographic areas. This adds to your reach, but the number of followers seems to be the most important factor.

The more followers that you add, the more that will notice that, and follow you back. The more posts that you make, the more chances of being found on the twitter search engines, and the more chances of like minded people adding you to their twitter following list.

There are several tools that allow you to make more posts, more easily to your twitter accounts(s) – notice that you can have more than one twitter account – that’s a ninja twitter tip, right there!

Twirl, – there are several desktop, or accumulating posting aids. Check in google under twitter tools for more. There are tools that take your wordpress posts, and add them to your twitter. There are other tools, or updating setups that will take Social Marketing updates, and add them to your Twitter posts.

My Squidoo account automatically makes a post whenever I update any of my Squidoo lenses – look for that on Squidoo settings – another ninja rockstar twitter tip!

Start out, as well all do, with nothing – get an account, make some posts, add some people that you follow, and start to build a following – much like blogging, but way quicker, easier and to the point to do it in 140 character bursts!

Keep at it, and soon you’ll be a Ninja Rockstar On Twitter!

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Published on 24/03/2010

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