How We Can Get More Followers To Twitter

What is Twitter?

Twitter can be defined as an on-line social networking service which helps to communicate with friends, family, coworker’s. Twitter is used for social messaging, event coordination, business tool, news reporting service and for marketing utility.

Twitter is a micro-blog which compresses various forms of communications with a restriction of 140 characters or less. A twitter user can update his posts, follow and view updates of other users.

History of Twitter:

Twitter was introduced by Mr. Jack Dorsey in June 2006.

It has gained worldwide popularity with more than 140 million users in 2012 with 340 tweets daily. Twitter service is based in San Francisco with supportive offices in New York.

How to Get More Followers on Twitter:

  • Boost up the profile:
    Create a Twitter account and try to fill all the requested details as always a good option to attract the follower’s. Always update the profile without failure. Then provide a link between the facebook, blogs, websites etc with your twitter. Add a twitter feed in signature of your Email and forums so that people can follow.
  • Design the Twitter page:
    The first step to get more followers is to attract followers by having different twitter background. One can customize Twitter with a better background, avatar and bio info.
  • Genuinity in Twitter:
    Always try to add few personal information’s to get peoples heart. By genuine info relationship with the follower binds more, which helps to lead more opportunities in future by referrals.
  • Tweet regularly:
    If the active time in twitter is high there are chances to get more followers. Tweet often without value may probably lead the followers to unfollow .While tweeting there should be a time gap for a response. The tweet should be beneficial with informative, entertainment, news, etc. A quality tweets may not have more text instead it has necessary and useful links to blogs.
  • Invite friends to twitter:
    Never forget to invite your friends, family, colleagues and follow up.
  • Tweets using keywords:
    Always enter specific keywords in the tweet which helps to attract more followers who are interested or attracted to the keyword.
  • Active Tweeting:
    Post the response for the tweets as soon as possible which make followers to feel that you are always present in Twitter.
  • Avoid boring Tweets:
    Always use positive inspiration words without boring while tweeting which make the followers feel happy.
  • Twitter Apps:
    Twitter apps on Smartphone makes easy to get targeted twitter followers. Installing Twitter apps one can saves the time and work easier.
  • Tweet using pictures:
    Tweets with picture get more attraction and interaction from other Twitter users. Using Twitpic one can share pictures with other Twitter user.
  • Cross connect other social network users to Twitter:
    If have any additional social network in additional to Twitter, then send a request from that network and ask them to follow Twitter.
  • Remember to greet your follower’s:
    When a day started remember to greet them good morning, which impress them to reply and also greet when the day ends.
  • Use the Twitter features:
    Instantly Tweet on new topic and follow them and enter into the discussion by clicking on the topics or hashtags. And get more followers by utilizing the free features of Twitter.
  • Tweet using Videos:
    Using videos for Tweeting attracts the people easily. By the help of Twitvid one can share videos with his follower’s.
  • Retweeting:
    Using retweeting features may be beneficial to others and other people will appreciate the retweets. This may aid to get more exposure and get chance to get more new Twitter followers.
  • Tweet with eye catching:
    Tweets should be eye catching with good words, symbols, etc. helps to get more followers.
  • Add the Twitter widget to your website.
    Tweet by adding the Twitter widget to your site or blog. This encourages readers to check out your activities on Twitter and therefore to follow you.

Tips & Tricks to get more followers on Twitter:

  • Always get good stories from other people and share them with a link. Doing this more than three times a day gets more followers.
  • By using Twitter search follow the user who talk about the same topic and follow them.
  • Don’t forget to mention the Twitter URL at the signature of the Email.
  • Always avoid over Tweeting more than 20 per day.
  • Be funny and witty which will be liked by more people.

Enhancing business by using Twitter:

Twitter helps the business starters to reach new clients. It helps to target people with specific interest. Twitter is one of the easy way to reach public. It helps to create a bond between customers, partners and influencers.


Twitter is a powerful tool in social networking, which helps to promote your online work and getting connected with the known people around the web world. If a Twitter user has more followers the he can maximize the use of Twitter. By keeping in mind all the above discussed points one can get more followers for his Twitter.

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Published on 27/10/2016

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