How to Find People on Twitter

Twitter is taking the world by storm, it is literally everywhere. That means your marketing efforts can be everywhere as well. We all follow our favorite celebrities, friends, and coworkers. But what do you do when you don’t know who to get relevant followers for marketing purposes? There are many different ways you can get this information. Now there are Twitter lists, directories, recommendation engines, search engines, and local searches. Any one of these will help you find the potential customers for your Affiliate Marketing offers that you always wanted to find but haven’t.

In early 2009 Twitter implemented the, “suggested users” option on your profile page. This option gives you suggestions through Twitter on who to follow based on your current list of who you follow. This option is done through Twitter directly, not from a third party. Twitter lists are one type of third party options that will help you find who you want to follow based on your search criteria. These lists are broken down into categories and subcategories For example, Sports┬╗Baseball┬╗Boston Red Sox. One very popular Twitter list search engine is Listorious. There are many other twitter lists, but as long as you know the topic of who you want to follow, you will find them very helpful.

Another way to help you find people to follow is through twitter directories such as wefollow. These directories provide you with statistical information about people you want to follow. For example, their location, number of followers, or topic of the profile. They break it down for you so that it will be easier for you to find who you are looking for.

Twitter recommendation engines like, Mr. Tweet, are another helpful resource. They provide you with a lot of information about the particular party you are looking for. Another thing this service does is gets the users involved by having them express who they recommend to follow. So now you are not just getting the search engines results but also the user’s input.

Twitter search engines are another tool that will help you find that targeted traffic. This works just like any other search engine but since it deals with twitter specifically, it will give you only twitter results. They provide you with a lot of statistical information about the user which is great for SEM optimization. A good example of a twitter search engine is Tweepi.

There is also a local way of doing your search through twitter local searches. For example if you live in Miami, FL and want to follow someone in your community perhaps a doctor or police officer than this would be a great choice for you. LocaFollow is a great example if you are interested in doing a local search.

Twitter is big already but don’t expect it to simmer down. It is only getting large and more user friendly. Some believe the search volume on twitter will top the major search engines. People are joining everyday and the number of people to follow is obviously increasing and your offers can become viral in no time. For you to stay on top try some of the suggestions listed above. I am sure that you will be able to find potential customers and seo opportunities.

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Published on 04/07/2011

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