Benefits that Make Twitter a Hot Destination for Businesses

Twitter began its journey as a micro-blogging platform and has grown as a medium used by thousands to reach their target audience. Harnessing the business benefits of Twitter is the need of the hour. Some useful business promotion strategies can be effectively integrated in the space provided by this popular social networking website. Without wasting time, let’s move on to the beneficial aspects of Twitter from a business perspective.

Taking Business to Twitter

 The first step to secure a Twitter space for your business is to create an account. Use your business name to create the profile. Start following active people, making friends, tracking their messages and finding their interests. You would require a team to build a formidable presence on Twitter. Additionally, following relevant people makes more sense than following anyone randomly.

Twitter as a Search Medium

 An interesting trend has emerged recently. People present on Twitter have stated treating it as an equivalent to search engines. The search results on Twitter come directly from the community of people and are more relevant for the searcher. This should encourage you to find the most searched keywords on Twitter that relate to your business. You can then use them in your posts and tweets.

Branding with Twitter

Twitter helps people to get engaged with brands of their interest. Here are some ways of branding with Twitter:

  • Introducing an unknown business and building the interest of Tweeters in it.
  • Reinforcing a lesser-known brand by providing regular updates.
  • Expanding a well-known brand by providing updates on new launches.
  • Promoting your business products and services by talking about their features, usefulness, USP, and interesting aspects and value.

Building a reputation is possible by being consistent and regular in updating the Twitter space available to you.

Twitter as a Back-channel

Twitter is a great back-channel to genuine websites. Place your business website or business blog links on Twitter to allow followers to reach your business. This will increase the traffic to your business website. And if you have promoted your business well on Twitter, you can expect another benefit in the form of lead generation and lead conversion resulting in increased sales.

Viral Marketing on Twitter

 Of all the business benefits Twitter offers, viral marketing is perhaps the most important. Tweeters who like your links and posts would promote them via word of mouth marketing. This lead to re-tweets and your business messages are spread across a wider Twitter space.

Getting Closer to People

Twitter allows you to get closer to people who look forward to your participation and tweets. You can use this opportunity to build strong networks and relationships with people.

Here are some ways to do this:

  •  Tweet regularly- not just about business, but about anything that generates mass interest.
  • Don’t just tweet, but participate in the conversations as well.
  • Answer the queries of people and be a problem-solver.

You can become a source of information for people, especially those interested in your business niche.

Drawing Feedback

 Twitter is a convenient channel to get direct feedback from customers and clients. Polls and opinions are efficiently utilized as Twitter tools help to learn what people have to suggest, advice, criticize or appreciate about your business. Business organizations that tweet effectively start receiving genuine reviews and testimonials from people who are valuable to their business.

Distributing Information Instantly

 Twitter allows you to distribute information instantly if you wish to pass on something urgent to your audience. For example, you can schedule important events like product launches on Twitter and make it visible to your followers. People interested in the event would look forward to attend it. For those who can’t attend it, you can provide live coverage of the event in the form of instant updates.

The greatest business benefit of Twitter is that it requires negligible investment in business promotion. All you need to do is to spend time on Twitter to gain visibility and popularity for your business.

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Published on 18/08/2011

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