4 Secrets to Turning Twitter Into a Money Making Machine

Twitter is the hottest medium around right now. It’s used by celebrities, news media, even (gasp) our parents’ generation. It’s hit the mainstream with an overwhelming presence, and should be a critical part of your business marketing campaign. No matter what business you’re in, Twitter can create an amazingly profitable income stream.

To truly tap into the Twitter world and make it an effective marketing medium, you need to adhere to the unspoken rules that dominate the social structure at Twitter. Here are 4 steps to navigating Twitter’s social etiquette, and turning it into a steady money making tool for your business.

1. Tweet personal or useful information: People use Twitter to talk about their day, share information, and develop relationships with people who have similar interests. Twitter users are not looking for slick salesmen or thinly veiled sales pitches. The most successful Twitter marketers are those who show their true personality and develop friendships with others, and who work hard to add value to the Twitter community. The old adage, “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care”, is very true on Twitter. Keep this in mind when deciding what to Tweet about, and how to present yourself online.

2. Retweet others’ information: One of the best ways to quickly make friends and get a following on Twitter is to share tweets from respected members of your niche. This not only gets the attention of the person whom you re-tweeted their information, but also lets people know you are there to provide value to the community. It will also lend an air of credibility to you and your business. By associating with the movers and shakers in your niche, you will be seen in the same light.

3. Get others to re-tweet your information: If you do steps one and two, this one shouldn’t be a problem. If you have provided valuable information, people are much more likely to share that with others. And by re-tweeting others’ tweets, they are much more likely to do the same for you. The law of reciprocity, which means someone will want to do for you what you have done for them, is a powerful psychological force. Don’t underestimate its effect.

4. Create a Twitter system: It’s easy to get sucked into Twitter and completely lose track of time. You can spend hours reading, tweeting, and getting nothing else done for your business. It’s imperative that you do not get sucked into this trap. A twitter marketing campaign doesn’t need to be all consuming. In fact, the most effective Twitter marketers typically only spend between 5-30 min/day on the board. There is free software you can use to automate some of the processes and even whole systems you can purchase with pre-designed, successful Twitter campaigns you can copy.

Twitter is the hottest social marketing site right now, and its popularity doesn’t seem to be waning. If you don’t have an active Twitter marketing campaign, you’re losing out on an extremely effective, and lucrative stream of hot business prospects.

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Published on 05/05/2011

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