4 Easy Ways to Empower Twitter for Your Marketing Benefits

Are you using Twitter to help build your online network marketing business?

If you’re involved in building a business online, you know the potential that the internet can offer. It can help you attract more leads, close sales, build your brand, build your credibility in the industry, and much more. It is important to go where the traffic already is and employ several different methods to market your business; and if you’re not engaging yourself in social networks, then you’re terribly missing out.

One great new way to utilize social networking is through the use of Twitter Tweets. How can it help you and how do you go about using it to your advantage? Let’s take a quick look at Twitter and what it has to offer.

What exactly is Twitter?

Twitter is a social networking site that allows you to network with friends, family, coworkers, and everyone else in the Twitter community. It basically helps you keep up with what people are doing at all times. You simply make a little post (called a Tweet) and everyone in the Twittersphere is now up-to-date on what is going on in your life. It is a great way to stay in touch with family and friends; but on a deeper level, it is an excellent way to see natural networking and marketing benefits.

So how can you maximize Twitter to benefit both yourself and your followers?  Here are 4 easy ways to empower your Twittering for your marketing benefits:

1. Define the Outcomes You Want to Achieve

Do you want more traffic to a website? Do you want to build your image as an expert in the industry? Do you want to show your prospects who the real “you” is? Do you want to simply increase brand awareness? There are truly limitless things that you can accomplish through the use of Twitter; but your tweet activity will be more effective if you focus in on just one (or a few) objectives rather than multiple ones. Once you look at the options before you and have set your Twitter objectives, then stay disciplined with them–meaning that even though you might mix your Tweets up a bit (between personal and business), the majority of your Tweets stay on track with your main objective.

2. Provide Value to the Twittersphere & Engage in Fascinating Conversation

There are thousands of users on Twitter and it can be hard to stand out from the crowd and get noticed; so it is important to focus on providing your followers with original and useful Tweets. Engage your followers instead of just throwing out mundane details of your life. You will have more people ‘replying’ to you, which will in turn catch the attention of others and provide you with new followers.

Ultimately it’s about adding value to the conversations that are happening on Twitter. You will become someone that people will seek out and want to interact with when you go beyond adding to the noise in the Twittersphere. Provide value, offer solutions; and remember that every Tweet counts and you are building a reputation.

3. Ask Your Followers QuestionsThis can create very effective Tweets and draw many followers into active conversation with you, creating a viral impact and leading to real relationships with followers.

4. Connect with as Many Twitter Users As Possible In Your Niche

“Twitter Surf” and find people in your niche that are following you and see who else they are following and the things they are Twittering about. One follower leads you to another follower and so on. To be known in your niche and build your own profile it is very important that you are interacting with others in that same niche.

Twitter can be a powerful business building tool for your online network marketing business. Stay focused on your objective, provide value, and remain active in the Twittersphere and your social networking will boost positive results.

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Published on 14/03/2010

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