Twitter As a Marketing Tool: Guarantee Your Twitter Marketing Success

Different businesses always need different things from their online marketing efforts. You have to plot out a clear marketing plan before you should attempt to use twitter as a marketing tool. What can micro blogging do for you and your business? Are you attempting to establish your brand? Are you trying to conduct marketing research? Are you trying to converse with your current clients and tap into new markets?

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Published on 08/08/2011

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The Latest Internet Marketing Tool – New Facebook Marketplace

Facebook first introduced the Marketplace application in mid 2007 as a way for people to post classified listings on the site. Now Facebook has launched its new, updated Marketplace. This time the Marketplace is powered by a company with a funny name, Oodle. Despite the name they are a big online classifieds company founded by former Excite and eBay executives. Oodle has built a completely new version of the Marketplace focused on giving people a place to buy, sell or give things away to the people they know.

This Facebook Marketplace Guide is a practical Step-By-Step Guide for all of you who want to learn how to sell your items effectively on the new Facebook Marketplace.

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Published on 29/11/2009

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