Debunking the Facebook Hype – How to Use Facebook Pages in Your New Media Strategy

The flood of traffic Facebook enjoys as the number 2 most trafficked site in the world makes them appealing for business for this reason alone. However, the lack of control over your content, non-business reasons people use Facebook, and their obtuse user interface are all cause for concern. Learn how to use and how not to use Facebook Pages so can create a “Pages” strategy that gives you the best market to medium match.

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Published on 14/04/2011

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Social Media Marketing Training-the Marketing Power of Facebook Events

One of the most powerful tactics in marketing that Facebook has, is The Events app.

It is something that can do three things:

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Published on 03/04/2010

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Social Media Marketing- The 10 Social Media Laws of Facebook

Where have YOU been?

Unless you have lived in a cave the last 4 years, you have probably heard of this. It is a rocking hot social networking site that seems to be almost everywhere today. It is on the news. It is on the radio. It is on the minds of millions of folks a day.

It is called “Facebook” and over 175 million people are active on this site.

Ok- I know that you may be asking,” A LAW about facebook?” Yes, 10 of them for marketing and business success in what you do. I am a marketer and have been for 20 years. I built a training and consulting business that does business in over 20 countries, because of social media and the internet. And there are marketing laws that all marketers and business professionals must follow if they are going to have Success in the marketplace online.

It is the same for Facebook.

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Published on 23/11/2009

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