Why Angular.Js Is The Future Framework For The Developers?

First of all let us know what Angular.Js is, “Angular.js is an open source framework created and maintained by the Google developers.” It is used by the developers to develop the web applications. This framework is very powerful and easy to use by the developers in website templating and bi-directional data binding.

When the Angular.js framework was first launched it was not such popular among the developers but now many developers around the globe develop beautiful and single page websites by using it. Web developers have now understood the importance and need of Angular.js framework. Not only websites, cross-platform applications are also developed using Ionic framework which is also based on Angular.js. Developers love to use Angular because basic HTML and JavaScript are used in development.

I must tell you Angular.js framework is the future framework for the developers until the new updated technology came.

So some of the reasons behind the Angular.js framework popularity are:

  1. Organization of code into modules is very easy which makes the code cleaner.
  2. Addition, updation, and replacement of the modules is very easy.
  3. The code is written in JavaScript which is reusable; this makes the maintenance work well-organized.
  4. Plug-ins can be easily installed in the already developed projects.
  5. Third party libraries can be wrapped easily.
  6. Angular.js possesses web standards which are HTML, CSS, and standards.
  7. Custom features can be added easily.
  8. Server load is reduced with the Angular.js development because of MVC pattern.
  9. If there is any issue in development, there is a large community to help in form of Forums, Groups etc.
  10. Data Models are very flexible and not pre-defined. Developers can create the data models as per their own creativity.
  11. The Single page applications and websites can be developed with Angular.js framework. If you are thinking about single page websites, the best example of a Single page website is Gmail which we use in our daily work and individual processes.

Keeping the technical points aside, let us know why we should adapt Angular.js for our website development.

The first thing is that the development time is less and the developers can work efficiently to deliver the best results in the development. Because of data binding, the loading time for the web pages is less and the users get a good experience from the website. Due to this reason, more customers and clients can be attracted just because of the website to be user-friendly and time saving.

If you are now thinking to develop your new website or mobile application, you can contact an experienced Angular.js developer.

It is better to clear all the points from the developer before hiring them to save time and money.

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Published on 30/12/2016

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