Marketing on Facebook – 4 Powerful Ways to Add Targeted Friends Fast

There are some ways to add targeted friends fast for the purpose of marketing on Facebook. Without the right kinds of techniques, it will be a time-consuming task to go by if you need to make a lot of friends or let’s say 5000 like-mined Facebook friends. Since I’ve gone by many methods, I found several powerful ways that can help you add or increase your targeted and like-mined friends fast on Facebook.

I’ve got multiple Facebook accounts that each has the amounts of friends and some of them have almost 5,000 friends. You’re allowed to add 5,000 friends maximum due to Facebook’s terms and conditions. Basically, if you want to apply these methods, you need to create a new Facebook account to avoid terminating from Facebook with your real Facebook profile or you loss your business on the way. There are some more points that you have to search for after getting a lot of friends on Facebook like how to advertise on Facebook for free, how to make a become a fan page on Facebook, how do you make a group on Facebook, how to drive traffic from your fan page to your site, etc. Fortunately, I’ve written a special eBook combining some useful tips and ideas for marketing on Facebook for free. You can get it through the provided link at the end of this article.

Here are 4 powerful ways to add targeted friends fast for marketing on Facebook:

Firstly, you need to make sure that all friends you are going to add are your targeted clients who are interested in your niche. You can find them by doing a search on Google or Facebook to find out related site, forums, Facebook groups/pages on your niche and you can even target for locations as well.

1. Add targeted friends manually everyday

Although this method is known as a simple one, but most people and marketers still use it for adding their targeted friends as it’s the best way to identify who you are adding and whether people you are adding are the targeted one. The process is very simple.

Practically, Facebook allows users to add amounts of friends manually every day when having an account with them. I’ve just tried to add up to 20 friends to my new Facebook account and it seems that Facebook doesn’t block or terminate my account once doing this. Bear in mind, you can not add more than these amounts of friends or you’ll get your account terminated that you will be blocked from adding new friends for two days. For 20 friends per day you will be able to have around 500 friends within one month as some of them won’t accept you request. To gain more friends you can include a message when adding new friends by asking them to suggest you to their friends, so that you’ll get friend requests from other new friends. So you can gain up to 600 to 700 new friends for a single month in estimation.

Another helpful way to add targeted friends fast for marketing on Facebook is to tweet your Facebook url to your twitter followers. If you have a few twitter accounts with the amounts of followers or even thousands of followers, you can tweet a message to ask them to be your friend on Facebook. You can also send direct messages or welcome messages to them by asking them to add you. If you don’t have a twitter account, you can ask your friend to tweet it for you or hire someone in Fiverr to tweet to their followers for you for as low as 5$ . I found some people have up to 100k followers who are waiting to serve you for only 5$ on Fiverr. One trick to go by this service is to read the testimonials first before making any payments.

If you’ve got your blog or site, it’s a good idea to add your Facebook profile widget to your sidebar or through out your posts. People will add you immediately once they like your informative posts. You should also add your Facebook profile URL to the signature of your email, forum as well as your business card so that your recipients or costumers will add you once they find it.

2. Add targeted friends faster using software

Software can help you harvest the Email IDs from the internet and save it to any formats as what you require. You need to save the email list as.csv file which will enable you to import directly into your Gmail account or Facebook account.

There are many websites, blogs, directories and forums on the internet that enable you to get Email IDs for marketing on Facebook. Those sites are from different location. The great thing about using web mail extractor software is that you can target you clients by locations and Keywords. You can search for a famous forum on a niche, let’s say “internet marketing forum” WarriorForum, you then pass the URL to your software and start harvesting for Email IDs. Once the process is done, save the file as.CSV and import directly to your Facebook account or to Gmail account, I recommend Gmail, so that you can find those people via emails. This way, you won’t be banned by Facebook and you can add as many friends as possible in a single week so your marketing on Facebook campaign will be growing faster.

To clear things up, I recommend a couple of software to help you harvest Email IDs that enable you to add targeted friends fast for marketing on Facebook through the process. But you have to pay for the software before you can use it properly. Telling you this does not mean I promote the software to earn commissions as an affiliate since there is no affiliate links here. So you can try Advanced Email Extractor, Acute Email IDs Production Engine, Fast Email IDs Generator, etc.

3. Buy Facebook friends

Due to the incredible growth of Facebook users, 500+ millions profiles today. Marketing on Facebook has become the great traffic generation method for marketers and bloggers. People who are experts in Facebook marketing and application found their ways to add as many friends or fans as they require. That’s why there are people who advertise to sell and buy Facebook friends or fans on the internet. People can sell 50,000 fans to someone for over 1,000$ in profit. You say, Wow, it’s a very high price! But there are people who buy Facebook friends or fans from people as they think they are able to earn 500$ per day in their business with marketing on Facebook. So, it’s fair enough for them to spend over one thousand Dollars for the large amounts of friends or fans. Remember if you can manage to buy Facebook friends or fans, you must claim that you can earn Dollars from your fans/friends. You need to know clearly of who you buy Facebook friends or fans from by asking in forums and doing research on internet.

Well, by spending 1,000$ or even 100$ in order to add targeted friends fast for marketing on Facebook is not good deal I think. But let’s do the trick to get a better deal with this.

I have already mentioned about Fiverr, right? Well, Fiverr has a lot of great offers to help you growth your business. There are people who sell Facebook friends for as low as 5$ . For 5$ , you get up to 500 friends/fans (more depend on the research). That means with 10$ you get 1,000 friends on your Facebook account. So for 5,000 friends, it costs you around 50$ . You can find this out by yourself on Fiverr but you have to look for the testimonials first before ordering the services or you get no where with less quality ones. Not only on Fiverr, but you can do a quick search on Google to find people who sell Facebook friends for you in the cheap price. Make sure that you buy the targeted friends/fans from them.

4. Add targeted friends fast using viral marketing

Viral marketing is a very famous way of internet marketing. Everybody uses internet viral marketing methods to drive mega traffic to their blogs and websites.

How can this technique helps you add targeted friends fast for marketing on Facebook?

Well, the trick is viral video marketing. With video marketing, you can gain thousands of friends, followers and subscribers if applying through the right ways. Viral video can reach millions of people in the world if it provides value to audience. People will send the video to their friends like viruses. So if you can create a nice viral video that makes people fun or get out of any issues, people will see it and send it out to their friends. You then need to upload the video to Video directories like YouTube, Tubemogul and the like to get loads of views. Watermarking your Facebook profile url on your video can be a great technique to make people add you as friend. At the end of your presentation you can ask your audience to be friend on Facebook by mention your Facebook URL. Asking people to send your video to their friends before ending your clips is a great asset for your video viral marketing. Don’t neglect the valuable slide presentations which will be sent to million inbox. You will get a lot of friend requests if people think that you are a nice guy in the field.

You have just read 4 powerful ways to add targeted friends fast for the purpose of marketing on Facebook. You will need more ideas and tips on how do you start a fan page on Facebook, how to make a Facebook group and how you can drive traffic from your fan page to your site to make you money. I hope the ideas can help you add targeted friends fast for marketing on Facebook in the amounts of Facebook friends you require within a few weeks.

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