Leaving Insightful Facebook Notes to Generate Traffic to Your Site

Many online marketers are looking to Facebook notes to drive traffic to their websites. This fascination with Facebook is easily understandable. Facebook is one of the most popular social networking websites in the world. According to some estimates, Facebook attracts more visitors each month than any other social networking website available today.

Facebook is the most popular social networking website among many English speaking countries. Unfortunately, in the US, MySpace is still more popular than Facebook. At the time of this writing, MySpace has approximately 2 times more US users compared to Facebook.

However, this weakness can be easily mitigated when one notices the tremendous global popularity of Facebook; a popularity that extends to Canada and the United Kingdom. Facebook marketing is one of the most popular demands I receive from my clients. As a result, I have developed several marketing strategies that can be easily applied to Facebook by the novice webmaster.

One of the easiest methods of generating links on Facebook is by leaving a message on your contact’s Facebook note.

Facebook differs greatly from other social networking websites. Facebook prominently features applications as part of its product experience. These applications are programs that can be applied to any Facebook user’s profile. It is like an application you install on your computer. The applications are applied universally. Whenever a Facebook user logs into his/her Facebook account they will be greeted with the same applications, regardless of which computer they are using.

Several applications come ‘preinstalled’ whenever someone sets up a Facebook account. “Facebook Notes” is one application that comes preinstalled in all accounts. Facebook notes is a simple application that acts as a virtual notepad that can be used by all. Facebook users can write in their own notes or in the notes of others.

This presents two opportunities for traffic generation. You can generate traffic by promoting your website on your own Facebook note or you can promote your website on someone else’s Facebook note. Leaving a promotional message on your Facebook note is a simple affair. However, you should exercise caution when promoting your website through Facebook notes that belong to other people. Overt promotion can be seen as spam by some users and may result in you getting banned from Facebook. Exercise caution when you promote your website on someone else’s application.

To successfully promote your website, you should ‘soft sell’ the website’s address. The best way to achieve convert marketing success is by genuinely contributing to the Facebook note. You should make informative and constructive contributions to the Facebook note. You can gently mention the website at the end of your post.

It would be even better if you utilize html to embed the link in some text. Facebook note accepts some html, but it does not recognize Flash or javascript.

Leaving an insightful message in a Facebook note application is just one way to market your website on this popular social networking platform. I have spent years perfecting the art of social network marketing and have seen many trends come and go. But in the dynamic and ever-changing landscape of the internet, Facebook is an immovable mountain that is here to stay. Websites who fail to leverage upon the phenomenon of social networking websites risk getting left behind.

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Published on 01/12/2009

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