Facebook Phone Wins Phone Of The Year 2009 – What Will Win In 2010?

As we come to the end of the Mobile World Congress, this year’s ‘Best Mobile Phone’ has been announced: the little Three INQ1, the Facebook phone itself. Let’s take a look at how it won, and look forward to what will take its place next year…

Three INQ1 – the Facebook phone is phone of the year

There’s no denying that the Three INQ1 is something special. It has precisely none of the smartphone functionality you get from the big boys, and yet, it managed to beat them all off, to win the title of Phone Of The Year. That’s some achievement, but when you look at what the Three INQ1 will do, it’s actually not that big a surprise. There’s a reason why this little beauty is nicknamed the Facebook phone. Many manufacturers have noticed the popularity of social networking, of sites like Facebook and MySpace, but no phone has had the same level of integration the INQ1 has.

Take, for example, its phonebook. A standard feature across all mobile phones, and something that doesn’t inspire admiration, right? Well, in the case of the INQ1, it does, as it’s more like a living, evolving entity. It automatically updates your contacts with their newest Facebook pics, and status, so it’s constantly changing to keep your social network up to date. Combine that with one-button access to Facebook, and simply the best social networking access seen on a mobile phone, and you’re onto a winner. As I said, it’s glaringly obvious why it’s called the Facebook phone, and that alone is why it was able to hold back the big boys, and claim the award for itself.

A big congratulations, then, to the team behind the Facebook phone; you heartily deserve your award!

2010 – which phone will become phone of the year?

With the Three INQ1 Facebook phone scooping the title this year, it’s time to look forward and try to make an educated guess as to what will win in 2010. The first, obvious contender is the Idou, from Sony Ericsson, a phone so new it doesn’t even have a proper model number yet. However, even at this early stage, the Idou certainly seems to have the chops to make it the biggest phone of the year. Certainly, the first phone that has both a 12 megapixel camera AND the first build of the new Symbian Foundation operating system just can’t be ignored! It’s going to face some stiff opposition, though, because right out of leftfield is a phone that includes a sleek operating system unlike anything seen before, and even tighter Facebook and social networking integration than seen on the INQ1. That phone is of course the Palm Pre, and its sheer ‘new-ness’ could land it the top spot. Only time will tell, but one thing’s for sure: it’s going to be an exciting year for mobile phones!

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Published on 14/04/2010

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