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If you haven’t noticed yet, you can make some serious money creating Facebook applications. Facebook applications are basically software programs or modules that can be added to any users Facebook profile relatively easily. Applications for Facebook have gained a great deal of popularity in the last few years due to the uniqueness and ease of creating them.

The opportunity with Facebook applications is incredible. All these programs are is simply little snips of computer code that work within Facebook. People have been able to make tens of thousands of dollars in a very short period of time by simply creating very viral Facebook applications. The programmers that create the hard to use, non viral applications are generally the ones that are left around to collect dust.

Be sure to create an application that is creative and can be easily understood by the average Facebook user. Usually the most successful apps are the ones that an average college student with not a large attention span can understand and play with easily and quickly.

I’ve seen Facebook apps sell for five figures very easily simply due to the amount of users and activity the application sees on a daily basis.

The key to having a Facebook application that will be used a lot is creating something that is simple, easy to use, fun, and viral. The most important factor is the application being viral. Now, you may ask , how do I make an application viral? Well, it’s actually quite easy. All you need to do is put yourself in the seat of the user.

What will make the user tell his or her friends about your application? What will make the person want to give it to his or her friends? In my opinion, it needs to be something that really gets into someone’s life.

A new application that is becoming very popular on Facebook is called “Compare.” What it does is it compares each one of your friends to another friend. It will randomly take two of your friends and ask you a question like “Who’s the better kisser?” Once you click the person’s name they are notified they beat someone and have moved up in the leader board. The real success to this application is it gets EVERYONE involved. It’s almost like playing battleship against your friends. The creator of the Compare application was very innovative and smart knowing that he would be able to generate a lot of traffic because of how viral his program is.

Will you make the application that becomes one of the most popular and actively used applications?

Well, I sure hope so. Let’s look at the ones in the top three. Funwall, Super Wall, and Top Friends. These three applications are easy to use, effective, and fun.

If you choose to create an application make sure it is fun and viral and you should do very well. Do not work on creating something so complex that nobody will want to install it. Be smart!!

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Published on 08/03/2010

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